Get it fixed now

Our professional team will help you to fix house or apartments problems and malfunctions

Home improvments.

Assist in all types and complexity levels of home improvement projects from assembling the furniture, wall TV installation to changing the windows and doors.

Quality First, Safety Always .

We utilize customer oriented approach with implemented 5S, Lean and Contentious Improvement practices to achieve excellence in quality performance.

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Yagor Construction is the leader in handyman service providing legit, top of the line service for a reasonable price when it comes to helping people maintain or improve their property. We deal with almost all trades within the industry such as Finishes, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumping, Carpentry and Landscaping!

Why to chose us.

We understand that every project at home even a very small is an inconvenience.

Our goal is to reduce all unpleasant side effects experienced by a homeowner caused by ongoing project without shortcuts in quality.

Trained and motivated team.

Our professional team is trained to organize a workplace in order to minimize job related dust, stains and damage.

Sufficient, clean and maintained tools.

Tools and equipment are significant quality drivers. We use huge variety of tools and equipment to deliver the service in a tide, quality oriented and time efficient manner . Using implemented 5S methodology they are all serviced, reliable and ready to operate.

Clean and organized workplace.

Starting each project we ensure that everything having the risk to be dirty or damaged is covered or protected. We start with a clean up and finish making sure everything is in ready to use condition. Clean workplace is also a safe place for workers and dwellers.

Consumables stock.

Using Minimum/Maximum methodology we keep our general purpose consumables stock in each truck which significantly reduce the chance of jobs interruptions or holds.

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